Math In Operation

Mathematics can sometimes seem like an island of isolation lost in the vast of ocean of abstrusity. The stark transformation that maths has gone through over the past century or so, has imparted to it a certain amount of rigor which can scare off budding math enthusiasts. This blog is an attempt at exploring maths in its practical applications to allay apprehensions about the disproportionately  highlighted esoteric and abstract facets of maths. Many of these near-to-reality applications of maths are unfortunately overlooked and so the beauty of the treasury of mathematical ideas connected with these applications is seldom unearthed by the budding maths enthusiast.

Mathematics may seem like a torturous remembrance of the past. And so it is mathematically highly unlikely that pleasant nostalgia will be elicited when memories of  mathematical exploits boomerang from the luckily remote past. However, I urge you to give math another chance, in a different avatar than what was presented in high school.

Math often simplifies our complex lives by playing the role behind-the-scenes and as John von Neumann said,

 If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.

I hope this blog accomplishes at least some part of its intent.