Teaching my sister

This summer I have been “tutoring” my sister Prarthana (9th grader), in mathematics and physics (and chemistry, despite my own scholarly-lessness in it!). To see how she is progressing, I thought it would be good to see how she approaches problems in timed assessments. I will be updating this post with the assessments I prepare for her, in case they’re of use to someone.

Click on the links below to access the pdf(s).


Assessment 1 (Trigonometry and Congruency)- This was the first time I created a “test” and I tried to keep a good balance of difficulty in it. (I slipped the proof for the infinitude of primes into it!)


Assessment 1 (Vectors, Equations of linear motion, and Inertia)- (Definitely sub-optimal skill with the diagrams, but Google Images just didn’t have the right images!)



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